I wholeheartedly agree with the idea that it’s crucial to know our worth in life.

We need to neither think ‘too highly’ (i.e. unhealthily, narcissistically highly) of ourselves, nor accept anything ‘less than’ when offered stuff by life.

If we manage to gauge our current ‘market’ value well, we’re ‘halfway there’ already in that we’ll be able to more easily move away from serving where we aren’t properly ‘compensated’ –and not just in the financial sense but in being appreciated overall. 

(Aka ‘Always go where you ‘aren’t only tolerated but celebrated’, right?)

Because if we do, we will less likely be short-changed in many situations in business and in our social lives.

However, the adage, ‘know your worth’ is incomplete. In my opinion it should really be: ‘Know your worth AND be able to communicate it too!’

Without the second bit we might just stay a very valuable but very well-kept secret. 

A hidden (and poor… and lonely…) gem. 

Undiscovered, and therefore unable to fulfil our own potential in life by not being able to contribute to helping others do the same.

Which is why I think that marketing is life, or at least ‘life-giving’ in that if we can’t 

–muster the courage to show up and tell the world about our services (–not necessarily in a semi-hysterical, exaggeratedly theatrical or in any other way that feels alien or ‘too extroverted’)

–and do it over and over again, even when you get crickets as a response at first or at times

–have empathy to be able to understand (and keep paying attention to) what our ideal client needs / is going through with the problem we help with

–and also be able to speak to it using precise, evocative language

–that is also tailored to their #personality (i.e. their motivations, goals, fears and triggers)

our thing –no matter how valuable, useful and needed (!) it might be– will not stand a chance in the market.

Much like a lot of the introverted entrepreneurs like you who I talk to these days, I also used to ‘look down on’ the whole ‘endeavor’ of marketing (=advertising and ‘selling’ myself, brrrrrr). And I used to especially shudder upon hearing the word itself, ‘marketing’.

I don’t anymore. 

Now I twitch with grief at the pain of the talented introvert not being seen, heard, considered, and in general, invited to serve and contribute…

…and by doing so become more and more authentically themselves (=acting less and less out of habit alone, i.e. entrenched in #personality) along the way too.

Marketing (i.e. authentic content marketing) is not only needed but valuable. 

And if done ethically, i.e. with the aim of genuinely trying to find out who it is that we best serve and only then ‘sell’ (=organically mention our services), it carries a lot of (e.g. inspirational, educational, etc.) value in and of itself!

Do you agree?

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