As #Enneagram Type 5s lose presence they 

–withdraw more and more into their minds

–become increasingly high-strung, cerebral, secretive

–start to minimize their needs –even beyond what would be reasonable

–cut off all connections from the world in an attempt to gain back their security

–start fearing that they are incapable of ever finding a place in the world

On extremely low Levels of Health where Type 5s are really suffering, their ego also starts plotting the reverse of the ‘if I can’t beat them join them’ life strategy, which with them becomes ‘if I can’t join them, I’ll try to undermine them’.

The way out of this #personality maize for them is by

–reconnecting with their body

–integrating into (=taking on characteristics of healthy) Type 8s

–making an effort to participate a bit more in the world

–applying their accumulated knowledge to solve immediate practical problems

–and to learn more practical/social skills

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