What are 3 things you invest in, ‘no questions asked’? (Do you have any?)

I do, because I think it’s useful to make some of our ‘staple’ decisions in advance like this, so that when in doubt later on, we can more confidently rely on these basic personal principles already established.

Over the years that I’ve spent on the following, in the following order of importance, (almost) no questions asked:

–education: (audio)books, coaching, courses (anything that helps me accelerate my growth)

–health: sports (a good pair of sneakers), food (lots of fresh vegetables and greens, quality ingredients and good teas :))

–experiences (with loved ones): traveling, eating out, studying stuff together 

Even when ‘poor’. 

Or rather: especially when poor.

I’m invested in the ideas-and-transformation business.

I purchase ideas (that change my life).

I sell ideas (that change lives).

(In the knowledge economy this is the edge!)

So I invest in coaching as well –because it’d be stupid not to.

What’s one (or three) thing(s) that you always splurge on, no questions asked?

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