The healthier (more balanced) a person is, the harder it is to tell what their #Enneagram Type (and Instincts) are. 

This is because the more we follow the thoughts, sensations and feelings that are (more and more rigidly) ‘prescribed’ by our Type, the more we get lost and the more our ways of being become distorted.

It’s as if our ego was creating an ever-bigger smokescreen to make us believe that ‘safety’, security, our survival was only available if we overdo X (such as lust, sloth, resentment, pride, etc. depending on Type and Instinct).

Contrary to popular belief having (a lot of) #personality or being very ‘passionate’ are not necessarily good things. It might only mean that we are not very balanced, happy… and human. 

Do you want to be some sort of an exaggerated cartoon character of yourself or a fully fleshed human (and spiritual) being? 

Learn the #Enneagram. 

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Hi, I’m Fatime. 

I talk about the #Enneagram, #personality and #coaching.

I help introverted entrepreneurs (edupreneurs, solopreneurs and coaches) become better at promoting their services on social media by understanding and using personality to get more clients.

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