Even if I feel super sure about a person’s #Enneagram Type, I’ll only ever give people pointers for them to confirm their own number (and Instincts) for themselves.

(This is why Typing sessions are typically called (or should be called) ‘Explorations’).

Although the Types tend to often ‘speak out loud’, there are quite a few variabilities to bear in mind while typing, including

–Are they of this Type within the same Center of Intelligence (i.e. Body, Head, Heart)?

–Are they on such a low Level of Health that they look like a different Type entirely? Are they on such a high Level of Health that they look like a different Type entirely? 

–What is their likely Dominant Instinct (…and how might this make us mistake them for another Type?!)

–What might the more dominant Wing(s) be, if any? 

as well as the person’s

–culture and other (current, perhaps temporary) factors in their life…

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