I recently had brunch with a friend and thanks to a lot of #Enneagram work and practicing presence, I noticed that their presence was quite jagged on this day.

They were failing to genuinely respond to my contributions sensitively at times.

They kept belaboring a point too long in certain moments.

Or quite the contrary: they prematurely jumped to new topics before we were done on the old.

And as is the nature of presence (and the Law of One), their ability to be present influenced mine as well, which in turn affected the quality of our connecting today. 

And because I love this friend and I’m a SX (Sexual Dominant) #Enneagram Type (which means I revel in deep one-on-one connecting), I was slightly disappointed.

But what was new was that I noticed that I wasn’t ‘triggered’ beyond that! 

Having done quite some work on my #personality using the #Enneagram I’m no longer taking these things personal.

I have learned that another person’s ability (or lack thereof) to be truly present with me, without their #personality fuzzing the interaction between us is a matter of their (current) spiritual stamina. 

I.e. it does NOT speak to my worth or value.

Nor MY ability to be present. (Although it is easier and richer if we both are…).

So my (Type 8) invitation is that you learn to consciously cultivate presence to be able to REALLY connect with others and really, REALLY live! 😉 

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