As an #Enneagram Type 8 I know a thing or two about denial, our ‘preferred’ defense mechanism.

In difficult situations and/or when triggered Type 8s will deny anything. 😀

Yet this way of coping isn’t completely alien to the other Types either.

In each Center of Intelligence (i.e. Head, Heart, Body) there is one Type who also denies the governing Center Emotion (e.g. Head –Fear, Heart –Shame, Body –Anger).

–among the Head Types it is Type 7s who cope by ‘pretending’ that they are not afraid

–among the Heart Types it is Type 3s who cope by ‘pretending’ that they are not ashamed


–among the Body Types it is Type 9s who cope by ‘pretending’ that they are not angry.

These strategies work until they don’t, of course…

The idea (the ‘invitation’) is to learn other possible solutions too and always only use as much of any of these as it’s still healthy. (Easier said than done I know, but not impossible with knowledge + deliberate practice)…

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