There is often misunderstanding around what being ‘authentically you’ really means.

This is because when we are still very entrenched in #personality, we tend to take that for our essence.

It’s not.

This is a bit trippy at first, but it’s worth cultivating ways of paying attention to which is which.

Practice is necessary because your ego will have you believe (in at least 9 different ways) that certain things (behaviors, feelings, thoughts) are ‘you’. 

But in reality they are just a ‘mimicry’ of your real, beautiful qualities.

Besides getting to know yourself through such presence practices as meditation and learning the #Enneagram, you might also find this ‘Authenticity Checklist’ useful:


1) no defensiveness 

2) truly genuine presence (i.e. no responding, relating, etc. on ‘autopilot’)

3) no perceivable ‘contamination’ from underlying Type agendas (such as ‘I have to make sure there is an upbeat atmosphere in the room! (Type 7)’, or ‘I must help everybody first or else I don’t deserve to exist (Type 2)’

4) less easily triggered 

5) the ability to pay deep attention to others and to what’s happening around, and in you

6) higher-quality relating, better relationships

7) higher-quality, more balanced living (in head, heart, body!) overall

8) forgiveness comes easy (…and it should, as you aren’t perfect either… ;))

9) you become more naturally attractive to others thanks to your healthier ‘vibe’


All 9 Types’ egos mimic true authenticity one way or another, but Type 4s’ ego structure in particular is especially concerned with authenticity. 

While other Types also learn ‘to effort’ around different Essential Qualities (e.g. ‘I feel stupid so I better collect a lot of knowledge to feel ‘authentically smart’ (Type 5), Type 4s don’t believe they are authentic enough, so their ego ‘efforts’ to create ‘authentic authenticity’, hoping to be seen and loved by others.

As a result (less healthy) 4s often tend to long for things, have a propensity to ‘fabricate’ uniqueness/depth and envy others if they perceive real authenticity in them.

Do you know where your ego ends and where you actually begin?

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