When not present or healthy (and mislead by ego), the 9 #Enneagram Types are prone to being ‘arrogant’ in 9 different ways.

Type 1s start to believe that only they know ‘the right way’ of doing things.

Type 2s start to believe others need them / couldn’t possibly live without their help.

Type 3s start to try to compulsively compete to outshine others, at whatever expense.

Type 4s start to believe that others are mundane / average.

Type 5s start to believe that everybody around them is stupid / incompetent. 

Type 6s start to believe that nobody is loyal / trustworthy except for them.

Type 7s start to think that others are boring and repressed compared to them.

Type 8s start to believe they are stronger / more powerful than others.

Type 9s start to believe other people are too unnecessarily conflictive.

We all might accidentally feel/think/believe any of the above in challenging situations in life, but these are some of the typical ‘go to arrogances’ of the Types.

Which of the above ‘feels’ most familiar to you? Let me know!

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