Are you an introverted entrepreneur struggling to become (or stay :)) visible on social media?

If so, these reminders might be useful for you.

Good (=simple, clear, digestible, relevant…and consistent) content works like an ambassador for you and your services in that it

1) makes people KNOW OF you –i.e. let them know that you exist at all

2) makes them know ‘what is in it FOR ME’ –i.e. whether what you offer is relevant to them at all (the main question on everybody’s mind when we see new stuff out there in the world)

3) makes them LIKE you –your #personality, style, approach (aka ‘point of view’), all of which will help you differentiate yourself from others

4) makes them TRUST you –it lets them know that you are both smart and reliable

5) allows your prospects to CHECK you out –i.e. from a distance, ‘incognito’, at first

6) makes your prospects CHOOSE you –e.g. if they’re ‘trialing’ 2-3 providers before deciding which one to go with 

7) allows your happy clients to express their GRATITUDE for your services –e.g. by commenting on your posts, leaving a Recommendation for you, etc.)

8) does the heavy lifting for you IN ADVANCE –i.e. ‘heats up the oven’ before you chat or first meet 😉

9) makes your prospects SEEK YOU OUT –aka ‘inbound’, as opposed to you having to chase after them (which probably wouldn’t feel right for you, nor is it particularly effective)

10) allows you to CHARGE MORE for your services –because you come across not only as a ‘legit business’ but have become somewhat of a celebrity in your ideal clients’ eyes

11) allows you to sell your services in PACKAGES –as opposed to one-off (e.g. power hours, single sessions/lessons)

12) allows you to have more agency in who you decide NOT to work with –e.g. because they are flaky, or not really ‘ideal’ in any other ways

13) allows you to offset all the bad content ‘out there’ in your industry, created by your competitors –and gain more professional CREDIBILITY in your (ideal/existing) clients’ eyes doing so…

Is there anything missing from the list? Let me know!

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Hi, I’m Fatime. 

I talk about the #Enneagram, #personality and #coaching.

I help introverted entrepreneurs (edupreneurs, solopreneurs and coaches) become better at promoting their services on social media by understanding and using personality to get more clients.

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