Sometimes the glaringly obvious is right in our face in life, but we somehow still ‘choose’ not to see it. And often it’s simply because we wouldn’t know ‘any better’, even if we were honest with ourselves…

I still actively suck at editing in Canva, 😀 so when I chose this to be my profile picture (…all over the world-wide-web…), I accidentally cut something out of the photo that used to be there.

And when people helpfully started pointing this glitch out to me, I ‘chose’ to continue ‘ignoring’ it, because, well, honestly … it would have been too much trouble to amend the picture and then change it all over… 😀 

I notice the same ‘willful blindness’ with ineffective teaching as well sometimes. Although it comes in different flavors, depending on a teacher’s work contexts, the signs are there. The learners are bored, or confused, or both. 

Yet we keep using the same, comfy, worn-out methodology we picked up ages ago, perhaps on an entry-level course, and haven’t re-examined our routine ever since, because again, it would be too much trouble. 

But it’s hard to ‘unsee’ something that you’ve FINALLY decided to notice. 

The question then becomes what you do about it…

Is there anything YOU are ‘choosing’ not to see about your current teaching habits?


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‘Answer key’

an earring! 😀