If you are addicted to life-long learning like I am, chances are that you have signed up for things (courses, trainings, etc.) quite haphazardly in the past as well.

And there’s nothing wrong with that, if the training (course, or ‘thing’) isn’t too long or expensive. After all, the worst that can happen is that you learn how NOT to do things, why a certain new industry ‘best’ practice isn’t for you after all, etc… 

When it comes to ‘bigger ticket’ CPD investments, however, it is better to be a bit more strategic.

And what ‘strategic’ is will likely vary from teacher to teacher.

A useful rule of thumb, however, to make sure that you don’t just sign up for things just for the sheer please of learning (…) is to check

1) roughly how much you are EARNING per hour, 

2) what the course you are considering COSTS, 

3) AND, here’s the crux: how quickly you’ll likely earn its price BACK after it.

By doing this math a bit more consciously than you normally might, you’ll be able to more ‘dispassionately’ decide whether you should invest in a training or not.

For example, when teachers aren’t sure whether doing my IELTS teacher training Bootcamp, ‘How to Teach IELTS’ is the right step in their career now, I often remind them that if they are charging the industry average price for their IELTS lessons (i.e. around $25 USD/60 minutes), they will have a RETURN on their investment after 20 CLASSES already…

…YET they get to ‘KEEP’ all the newfound confidence, knowledge of the exam, skill at teaching its various parts well, as well as all the materials of the course to accompany them even afterwards, to help them find new and often better (=more motivated, engaged, grateful) ‘clients’ in the future too.

And if you AREN’T charging (at least) $25 USD/60 minutes for your IELTS lessons yet, …well, you really should! 

Sign up now to be able to stably earn this (or more) for your classes, by standing out from the competition, and by being constantly recommended by satisfied students. <3 

Especially because with my back-to-school flash sale that lasts until Tuesday you get 25% OFF the price now! (So you’re at your money after 15 classes already!)

Go to Bootcamp now, look for the bit where it says ‘Bootcamp Flash Sale 25% OFF’, then click ‘Pay Now’ below. I’ll take care of the rest. 😉

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