So, here is my dirty little secret. Sometimes I schedule meetings to force myself to take a shower. :O 

There. Now you know. :O :O

See, I’ve been working from home for about 6 years now, and sometimes when I get too immersed in creating, as I merge with a project, day and night also tend to kind of blur into one another.

Needless to say that the pandemic didn’t make this any better either; quite the contrary. The whole world started living the pajama life too. :O

Yet I KNOW that showers are good for me. 😀 😀

So, when I have the freedom to schedule a business meeting, a 1-2-1 training session with a teacher, or a discovery call with prospective Bootcamp candidates to see if the course might be a good fit for them, I try to time these Zoom calls strategically, to force me to pull myself together –i.e. out of unkempt writing twilight territory.

Gotta say too, that this ‘commitment device’ has been working wonderfully for me. I know I hate to disrupt my deep working sessions, but I also know that, well, I really, REALLY MUST BATH.

I’m similarly strategic about my CPD as well: I like to schedule a course that I’m going to take at least half a year in advance –normally when I still have the time or money that I might otherwise spend on other things (on books or other courses…).

If I’ve decided that a course will be useful for me at this point in my career, I like to make sure it happens by signing up ahead of time, and even paying upfront, to really lock myself into doing it. 

What ‘commitment devices’ do YOU use to plan your yearly CPD? Do you use any? 


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