I have a reputation for ‘demanding REALLY high’ of my trainees…

Which I think is wonderful, as it tends to 10x the value they get out of each session with me. 

HOWEVER, I also believe that pushing and poking at the limits of a learner’s capacity for uptake in any given session has to be done mindfully.

So this is how I make sure that I don’t accidentally overwhelm anybody:

• I try to RESTRAIN myself from any massive info dumping in the first few sessions. I ESPECIALLY make sure I go easy on giving too much NEGATIVE feedback when starting out with a new client or group.

• I RECORD every session and share them with my trainees after each, because I know from experience that when I’m learning something new, I also like to rewatch (…and rewatch and rewatch…) stuff a couple times, take even more notes (than I had live), implement alone as well, etc.

• and I also provide them with useful guiding SESSION NOTES before and/or after each meeting.

How do YOU walk this line between demanding high WITHOUT overwhelming your learners?


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