Learning in the 21st century also includes knowing what new SKILLS, or what new KNOWLEDGE we want to acquire.

That is to say, WE are in charge of CURATING our own curricula, as well as TAKING them.

Which is why I’m really meticulous about who I follow, and especially who I ‘subscribe’ to (=ring the bell on).

The reason is that I want to be exposed only to ORIGINAL, HIGH-QUALITY, INSPIRING, and ACCURATE content in ELT.

If you teach IELTS and would similarly like to see ORIGINAL, HIGH-QUALITY, INSPIRING, and ACCURATE content to help your practice, go into my profiles on LinkedIn and YouTube, and click the bell icon!

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Hi. I’m Fatime. I’m an IELTS Teacher Trainer, helping CELTA-qualified English language teachers become better at teaching SKILLS, as opposed to just testing them. 

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