Are you aware of the importance of investing in the RIGHT (=most impactful and transformative) CPD …in THEORY?

…but are struggling to commit to a ‘more serious’ course because you’re teaching 40+ hours a week (…instead of the ideal 15-25…)?

What if you flipped the script?

What I mean is that if you keep teaching general English (or even IELTS –worse!) for 5 USD instead of the 25-50 USD you could be charging for your classes online (by really standing out from the crowd thanks to your deep KNOWLEDGE of the exam, the specific sub-skills-based STRATEGIES needed to tackle it, and the amazing WORD OF MOUTH all this generates), you’ll never find your way out of this trap. 🙁

How many hours are you teaching a week? How many would you like to? And HOW do you plan to get there?

My course, How to Teach IELTS –The Ultimate IELTS Teacher Training Bootcamp– might just be the missing link to your situation, now enrolling for 4 November! 

Book a call to check if it might be a fit for you as well!

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