Here’s the thing. 

Because I’m so CURIOUS about the world in general, sometimes when I look back in time, I see a PATCHWORK of (seemingly unrelated?!…) courses that I somehow ended up doing. 😀

They might not seem logical or immediately relevant to what I’m doing right now in my life, but they all add to the (eclectic? versatile? insert adjective here… :D) person that I am becoming, as a result of all these learning experiences.

2022 was no exception to this curiosity-lead learning lifestyle either –and they year isn’t even over yet!

In January I did (yet another) amazing Enneagram coaching course, this time with The Human Potentialists. Then I signed up for their follow-up Practicum Beta program, which I’m still doing and loving as well…

January to April I also did not one but TWO Cambridge University Press and Assessment courses: A103: Introducing Data Literacy, and A104: Psychometrics in Educational Assessment. They were hard but interesting, and I’m now actively thinking about ways to use these new skills in the courses that I’m planning to write.

February to June I was doing Rachael Roberts’ Flourishing Foundations group coaching program, which was the MOST IMPACTFUL of all the CPD courses I’ve done this year. Even though the course is long over, I feel that it’s STILL transforming me in a variety of ways… <3

Doing Rachael’s course, for the first time in my life I got to learn about (organic, authentic) marketing, and the basics of running a one-woman solo ‘edupreneurship’ –of which I’m now a captain… :O 😀 😀

And as a result of this INSPIRATION I’ve also since done other short courses on marketing, copy writing, and web design.

Oh, aaaaaand!! …[drumroll] I’ve already chosen my next CPD investment for 2023 too! 

It’ll be Gemma Gilbert’s business coaching program called ‘Amplify’, and it costs an absolute fortune for me currently, but I HAVE NO DOUBT that I’ll somehow find a way to make this ‘edu-dream’ happen too. And I know that it’ll be WORTH EVERY PENNY again. (If there’s a will, there’s often a way, even if not an immediate one…)

What have your YOUR biggest/most transformative CPD investments been this year so far? 

And what’s the next program you’re considering doing?


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