How to Teach IELTS –The Ultimate IELTS Teacher Training Bootcamp– might just be the right back-to-school CPD for you if you

1) want to be able to share lots of useful sample answers your learners to better model what is expected of them on the exam (e.g. on the writing test)

2) wish there was a comprehensive, reliable, well-structured and easy-to-navigate ‘bank’ of resources that covers all the necessary sub-skills your learners need for the exam

3) already realized that just because you personally feel confident about a skill this does NOT automatically mean that you know how to teach it well too (–including speaking!)

4) want to be able to show your students how to find the right answers (e.g. in a listening or reading task), and be able to repeat the process on their own as well

5) want to help your students score high on reading even despite unknown words that they may come across in a text or the accompanying questions (without pre-teaching any key lexis)

6) want to confidently teach reading and listening in class (…and not just assign these skills as homework)

7) want to find new ways to teach each skill more creatively and make it more fun for your students

8) are ready to learn about teaching other receptive sub-skills than just reading or listening for gist, detail, and specific information

9) want to start working with new students using a useful, tangible needs analysis and course plan to help guide their learning process and create a sense of achievement as their course progresses

10) want to get into the habit of planning your lessons a bit more consciously, specifying some key learning objectives (…but not too many)

Which 3 of these points are your absolute FAVORITES?

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