How to Teach IELTS

–The Ultimate IELTS Teacher Training Bootcamp–

a month-long teacher training course for practicing English language teachers who want to become OUTSTANDING at preparing students for the IELTS exam by focusing on teaching listening, reading, speaking and writing SUB-SKILLS.

The Course

  • is an intensive, practical, and super TRANSFORMATIVE teacher training program
  • aimed at CELTA and Delta graduates
  • who want to learn PRACTICAL skills teaching strategies without writing long essays
  • but want a course with the same level of academic rigor as far as AWARENESS raising is concerned
  • and would like to deepen their understanding of why teaching skills well matters, and would welcome some help and inspiration figuring out HOW to go about it


  • have the Cambridge CELTA or equivalent
  • have around 1 year post-CELTA teaching EXPERIENCE (–recommended)
  • speak English on a C1+ level
  • are already teaching IELTS or plan to
  • want to become excellent at teaching SKILLS (as opposed to just grammar and vocabulary)

 Perhaps You

  • teach teens and adults, and mostly HIGHER levels (CEFR B1+)
  • want to specialize in teaching EAP, or other (e.g. Cambridge) EXAMS, using a ‘SKILLS FIRST’ approach
  • consider doing the Cambridge Delta or equivalent, or an MA ELT/TESOL at some point in the future, OR already have an MA or the Delta but want fresh tips and access to a comprehensive SKILLS TEACHING MATERIALS BANK
  • need PRACTICAL, immediately applicable tips for your classroom
  • want to become more CONFIDENT to better position yourself in the market

And Maybe You Noticed That …

  • there is a lot of IELTS content on the internet for candidates, some of which is quite repetitive and GENERIC
  • course books often lack DEPTH when it comes to building SUB-SKILL AWARENESS because they focus more on teaching language, such as academic vocabulary in isolation, or advanced grammar structures, often without explicitly tying these to their concrete use in the exam
  • ‘skills’ activities are only used as ‘CARRIERS’ of a language point, for example as a reading or listening task to present a new language point, or a writing or speaking task to practice it
  • skills teaching is often limited to just TESTING the skill without raising much awareness of the processes involved, or
  • limited to teaching the bare BASICS of it, as taught on the CELTA (such as ‘skimming’, ‘scanning’, or ‘reading for detail’ in reading)

or that

  • the IELTS teacher training courses available tend to give more of a brief STRUCTURAL OVERVIEW of the exam as opposed to dealing with the specific problems learners have in each test, and how to help them with these
  • many of these courses are mostly only INFORMATIVE, which means that you are left to your own devices regarding your actual classroom progress, without clear expert FEEDBACK on your lesson plans and teaching, or accountability as you go along
  • the books assigned on more prestigious teacher training courses can be quite THEORY-HEAVY, and often lack practical ideas rooted in sound classroom rationale and real learner needs
  • candidates on these courses are expected to come up with their own activities, and sometimes a little INSPIRATION – in the form of practical worksheets, for example– can go a long way in helping them create their own materials
  • even if often it is not a matter of a lack of candidate motivation or a willingness to do the work on these courses, but a general LACK OF FOCUS on in-depth (sub-)skills teaching

          The Course Might Be Ideal If You

          • mostly teach (or plan to teach) HIGHER LEVELS (i.e. band 6+)
          • want to learn how to teach listening, reading, writing and speaking SUB-SKILLS specific to the IELTS exam, to be able to better help your learners get the results they need while standing out from your competition on the market
          • would like to learn how to GIVE FEEDBACK to your learners on their IELTS writing skills
          • feel that you need to improve your LESSON PLANNING
          • are interested in the benefits of BESPOKE course creation, its positive impact on getting new students and keeping your existing ones happy and progressing
          • …and want a course that offers an ideal combination of CONTENT, COACHING, COMMUNITY, coupled with CLEAR CURRICULUM CHECKLISTS

          …but NOT if you want…

          • a GENERIC overview of the basic structure of the exam (e.g. about the length of each test) –You already know what is in the test (or are happy to read around and find out on
          • a quick SUPERFICIAL training with lots of general test-taking ADVICE (such as which writing task to do first, why it is important that candidates check their answers for typos after each listening task, how much time to leave to transfer answers onto the answer sheet, why it’s important to show up to the speaking exam with a photo ID, or to take enough water with you for the tests, blah blah blah…)
          • a course about teaching academic GRAMMAR or VOCABULARY in ISOLATION, i.e. without clearly linking any new language taught to concrete IELTS tasks, for example how to use hedging in speaking Part 3 to A, gain time, B, sound more advanced, C, increase your coherence and cohesion band score
          • a general teacher training course focusing on BASIC CLASSROOM MANAGEMENT TECHNIQUES (such as variety of interaction patterns, appropriate timing of stages, settler and stirrer activities, or other methods and games more suited to a general English classroom)
          • a thorough overview of all the possible (academic) TOPICS that might be covered in the exam







          What's in the Course?


          • about 5-10 other qualified, dedicated IELTS teachers
          • me at your beck and call
          • 8×2 hours of live training sessions (also recorded and stored in the cloud for you to watch if you cannot attend)
          • 4×1 hours of live coaching sessions (also recorded and stored in the cloud for you to watch if you can’t attend live)
          • all 4 of my IELTS Teacher Training books (How to Teach IELTS Listening, How to Teach IELTS Reading, How to Teach IELTS Writing, and How to Teach IELTS Speaking) in PDF form, including lots of practical worksheets (with answer key) to use in class
          • all 3 of my books for students on IELTS Writing (How to Teach Yourself IELTS Report Writing, How to Teach Yourself IELTS Letter Writing, and How to Teach Yourself IELTS Essay Writing) as a BONUS, including lots of practical worksheets (with answers) to use in class
          • a private Slack group to discuss anything related to IELTS and the contents of the course, share your LESSON PLANS and receive feedback on them, share your RECORDED LESSONS and receive feedback on them, as well as your WRITING FEEDBACK to your students and to receive feedback on them
          • a detailed GLOSSARY of all the sub-skills in each skill (i.e. Listening, Reading, Writing, Speaking) as a useful overview of what you learned
          •  sub-skills REVISION CHARTs to consolidate your learning, using Bloom’s Taxonomy
          •  a Final Quiz and Certificate of Achievement
            How Much Does It Cost?

            How to Teach IELTS –The Ultimate IELTS Teacher Training Bootcamp– currently only costs $499 USD.

            Because the course is at its Beta stage, it is now available at a reduced price, and it also includes more personalized support and live features than it will in its later iterations.

            You’ll also be asked to provide me with feedback about your progress throughout the program, to allow me to tailor the curriculum to your needs and see what will work best for future cohorts as well.

            How Long Is It?

            We will be working together for 1 month, and you will have all the materials (video recordings, PDFs, audio tracks, etc.) to continue working from after the course as well, to continue implementing all that you have learned.

            When Will the Sessions Be?

            We will meet twice a week for 2 hours for the training sessions, and once for an (approximately) 1-hour-long coaching session, as follows:

             Training sessions:

             -Mondays 10:00am-12:00pm EST

            -Wednesdays 10:00am-12:00pm EST

             Coaching sessions:

             -Fridays: 10:00am-11:00pm EST

            When Is the Next Cohort?

            The next cohort’s dates are 7 Nov to 3 Dec 2022.

            How Much Time Will I Need to Study?

            It is recommended that you dedicate about 5 hours per week more on top of the input and coaching sessions to study alone, read and try things out, share stuff in Slack (e.g. your thoughts, queries, lesson plans, lesson recordings, writing feedback to your students, and even writing feedback on your peers’ work in the group).

            The more you put into things, the more you get out of them, and this is true of this course as well, so it’ll be up to you how actively you decide to participate.

            What If I Don't Have 10 Hours a Week?

            You are welcome to sign up anyways, and implement after the course.

            Just bear in mind that because feedback is such an integral part of any learning, you will get more out of the course if you engage with it while we progress through the curriculum.

            Is It a Good Investment?

            If you are charging the industry average price for your IELTS lessons (i.e. around $25 USD/60 mins), you will have had a return on your investment after 20 classes already.

            However, you get to keep everything you learned AND the materials even after that.

            And if you AREN’T charging $25 USD/60 mins yet, …well, you really should! Sign up now to be able to stably earn this (or more) for your lessons, by standing out from the competition, and by being constantly recommended by satisfied students.

            What Happens If I Can't Attend a Session Live?

            While it is recommended that you come to as many of both the training and coaching sessions as you can, so that you have the chance to ask any questions live, and engage with your cohort too, you can always watch the recordings afterwards as well.

            Do I Need Access to IELTS Students during the Course?

            No, not necessarily. Having students during the course might be useful, but even if you are not currently teaching (–or at least not IELTS), you will learn a lot that you can implement after the course too.

            (If you do want to teach, however, I can find you a ‘guinea pig’ –let me know!)

            How Many People Will There Be in My Cohort?

            About 5-15 other dedicated (aspiring) IELTS teachers (who also meet the application criteria).

            Will I Have to Buy Other Books/Materials besides What You Provide?

            You are always welcome to, of course (e.g. official past papers from Cambridge), but no, everything that we will be learning from is included in the price.

            What's a Beta Version?

            This is the first time that I am running the course in this format, so I would like to find out how useful its current structure is for you, as well as my future cohorts.

            Therefore, the course is offered at a much-reduced price, includes more personalized and live components, and I will also ask you for your feedback throughout, as well as at the end of the course.

            What Happens on Slack?

            We use Slack (a free application you can download onto your phone and computer) to share lesson plans, recordings, and writing feedback that you want feedback on.

            Also, given that we learn a lot from giving feedback as well, it is encouraged that you comment on others’ work too, throughout.

            I've Never Used Slack before, Is It Complicated?

            Slack is a very intuitive messaging app for business and other communities, so if you aren’t familiar with it yet, hopefully you’ll quickly get the hang of it.

            Here’s a short overview, if it helps:

            And a longer, more detailed one:

            I've Just Passed the CELTA (or Equivalent), Can I Join?

            Yes, you’re welcome to.

            The only main pre-requisites for the course are an entry-level teaching qualification (such as the Cambridge CELTA or any other TEFL course which includes an assessed teaching component), and that you speak English on a C1+ level.

            I've Never Taught IELTS Before! Can I Join?

            If you’ve never taught IELTS yet but would like to in the future, feel free to sign up for the course.

            While some existing familiarity with the exam can be useful, you’re welcome to join if you are completely new to it as well.

            (Also, feel free to you check out before we start!)

            What If I Can’t Share any Lesson Plans, Recorded Lessons, or Writing Feedback?

            If, for any reason you know you won’t be able to share any lessons plans, recorded lessons, or writing feedback on your students’ work, you are welcome to join anyways.

            These ‘added features’ on top of all the input are just an invitation for you to take what you’ve learned ‘deeper’ (and get feedback on it!), but they’re not ‘compulsory’ components of the course per se.

            What Are the Main Subject Areas the Course Will Cover?

            The main subject areas the course will cover include

            • Listening Sub-Skills
            • Reading Sub-Skills
            • Writing Sub-Skills
            • Speaking Sub-Skills


            • Writing Feedback
            • Lesson Planning
            • Continuous Professional Development
            • Bespoke Curriculum Planning
            I'm Interested! What Do I Do Next?

            Book a call to see if the course is the right fit for you at this stage in your career.

            During our conversation we’ll discuss your current teaching situation, past teaching experience (of general English and IELTS, if you have any), what you are struggling with or hope to get out of the course.

            If we find that the course is the right fit for you at this point in your career, you’ll be invited to pay through PayPal, receive and do your pre-course tasks, and download Slack before we start.


            Being So SUPER CONFIDENT about Teaching Skills …

            • …that you get constant referrals

            because past students recommend you to others, and word of mouth is the best kind of marketing

            • …and work with students who consistently score well on IELTS

            because when you know exactly what you have to do to help them achieve the results they need, this happens ‘automatically’

            • …have more satisfied clients

            because students who pass the exam much quicker and with better band scores than they would have, working with someone else (or alone) will be immensely grateful to you for your support

            • …earn better

            by having more, and more stable clients; and even increasing your fees

            • …as well as more job satisfaction

            because by being more confident about what you do, you’ll also enjoy your work more

            Specialize in IELTS to...

            • stay COMPETITIVE in ELT by picking a ‘lane’ (e.g. IELTS, adults, skills, exams, or EAP)
            • teach HIGHLY MOTIVATED learners working towards a high-stakes exam, who’ll really appreciate your help
            • serve a market of around 3.5 MILLION TEST TAKERS a year worldwide!