OMG I have a new website. :O :O :O Welcome, WELCOME, visitor!!

It’s awkwardly cobbled together, with VERY clunky design… but it’s MINE, and it’s FUNCTIONAL.

Although I got a lot of (SUPER PATIENT) help from my web designer friend, I was HEAVILY INVOLVED in the whole process.

Some of you also know of other (course & service combo) options that I had tried that didn’t work out for me, and how long I procrastinated on this as a result, often feeling demotivated and insecure…

Well, it’s done now!! :O (Still can’t believe it though, TBH…). And if you find any typos, links that take you to strange places :D, or simply don’t work, please PLEASE do let me know! I feel confident I can fix most basic bugs now! 😀 😀


1) Building a website was INSANELY DIFFICULT …for ME. Maybe it’s not for others. 

As in: ‘learners’ are different in a million ways (needs, personalities, prior knowledge, levels of motivation –you name it). 

Therefore it’s always worth remembering that what’s obvious or dead easy for us, might be DEEPLY CHALLENGING for others. 

(I know I questioned a lot of things during the whole ordeal, starting with whether I really needed a site, my level of intelligence, etc. etc. :D) 

2) If you’re stuck, ASK FOR HELP. 


Ask for the RIGHT help.

As in:

-look for a REPUTABLE service provider

but also

-think about the mode of delivery/type of content, etc. that’s IDEAL FOR YOU. 

For example, I knew that I wanted hands-on (=i.e. MY hands) help in a 1-2-1 format, which is what ended up working out for me indeed. We met a few times with my friend on Zoom, and I was building, HE was instructing/guiding. 

I wanted it this way, so that going forward I’d feel CONFIDENT about fiddling around alone as well. In other words

3) The more INVOLVED a learner is, the more likely learning will take place. 

Which is fair enough, as

4) Your learning is ultimately your RESPONSIBILITY.

In this case although I had taken a course that didn’t work out for me, due to a variety of reasons (to do with format, time zones, group sizes, etc.), I didn’t stop there to think ‘well, I guess I won’t have a website after all…’, because I really, REALLY needed one. 

(And children don’t stop learning to walk when they stumble the first (one hundred…) times, or conclude that ‘guess this walking business isn’t for me after all’, right? NOT AN OPTION).

What might ACTUALLY be ACHIEVABLE for you as well that now seems elusive?


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