During the 20 years while I was actively teaching and preparing students for international language exams, people either approached me with a concrete language exam ALREADY in mind, or they wanted my help in picking one together.

If they already knew that they needed IELTS, it tended to be that they were seeking

• band 6 or above (in each skill and/or overall)

• mostly Academic

• to get into a Masters or PhD program abroad

• with the exam scheduled withing 1-3 months

If they weren’t sure which exam to pick, we would discuss

• what options were available (e.g. IELTS, other Cambridge exams, etc.)

• what features they all had

• what the advantages and disadvantages of each were for THEM

• and how long our preparation would likely be for each,

…then let I’d them decide.

What’s your typical ‘onboarding’ process? Do students approach you with a concrete exam in mind?

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