Picture this.

You meet YET ANOTHER IELTS student who has taken the exam about 3 times already, and failed to get the required results.

And deep down they still kind of believe (…hope…) that if they just ‘keep trying’ (as in keep signing up for it again and again AND AGAIN) without changing much about HOW they prepare for it, one day they’ll get the scores…

Now, if somebody was learning to drive, and kept crashing their car, would you recommend them to just to ‘hang in there’ until they finally, (hopefully) get the hang of it?!


You’d recommend that they take driving lessons.

(And preferably with a good instructor who has an excellent reputation).

Sometimes things DON’T just magically improve on their own right (i.e. with self-study), just because we double down on them, using the same methods that got us stuck in the first place…

When you meet students like this, how do you, khmm, gently burst their bubble? 😀 What do you ‘prescribe’ for them?

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