“Timoteo, you smell like humans!”

This is the lovely Timoteo, my friend Claudia’s dog. 

According to Clau, he was smelling bad even after she had bathed him in dog shampoo, so she decided to up the ante and also bathed him in human shampoo. :O

Fit for purpose? Maybe not officially, but hey, it DID THE JOB. He smelled like a totally ‘pleasant gentleman’ yesterday… 🤔😆🥳🥳♥️🐕

While I was still actively teaching IELTS, I’d also come up with all kinds of improvised tasks, homeworks and challenges for my students. (E.g. to improve their IELTS academic writing task 1, I’d ask them to describe their favorite recipe for me in 150 words, etc.)

Some of these tasks may have seemed a bit far-fetched at times for my Ss, but they trusted me, so they’d go along with things… and these ‘things’ would often DO THE JOB! (I.e. after the third recipe they DID feel more confident about describing processes, using sequencing linking words in them, etc.)

What’s one IELTS teaching habit or ‘technique’ you have that on the surface might seem iffy but has proven to ‘do the job’?

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