I’m an introvert, but I KNOW I must keep working on leaving my ‘woman’s cave’ 😀 from time to time.

It’s good for me personally, AND it’s good for my business in a million different ways. 

For example, by interacting more I get to hear about the exact difficulties teachers face when teaching IELTS in a variety of contexts around the world…

…which then better helps me tweak my Bootcamp to their specific needs.

So, I put a note in my already crowded ‘To Do’ list, to try to become more visible on social media –as in in the flesh as well. :O

Writing is my current comfort zone, but I do realize that I need to (–in order of current psychological difficulty for me :D):

• Level 1: record more videos for LinkedIn and my YouTube channel where I share ideas on how best to go ‘deep’ on teaching SKILLS for IELTS

• Level 2: go on podcasts and other GUEST things’ –accept invitations, and PROACTIVELY seek them out too! (…!!)

• Level 3: do LIVES with colleagues

• Level 4: …start doing my OWN lives at some point… (Yeah, right).

As this idea was sitting, khmm, comfortably on my list, I got a message from my coach, Rachael Roberts asking if I ‘wanted to’ do a live with her about visibility. 

My immediate reaction was: ‘YES, please!!’ And let me also quickly call my dentist to sign up for a voluntary root canal treatment, while we’re at it… 😀 😀 😀 

Yet I knew that I mustn’t say no to this. (Even if it’s a ‘level 3’ thing; that is, a HUGE jump from my current ‘level’…). 

We set it up, and when Rachael saw my nerves before hitting go live in the ‘studio’, she started soothing us both, I think, 😀 by highlighting how the LinkedIn Live format is actually quite a breeze, compared to, for example going on Clubhouse…

Yes, surely there’re levels to the terror, but in the situation it felt like a marathon runner telling a total running newbie that ‘once you’ve broken through the wall at around 35k, you’re good for the rest of the race’. LOL. 

If you say so… 

Yet it HELPED!! 

Partly because I worked hard at letting her calming words enter my mind too… (!)

Similarly, helping our IELTS students PSYCHOLOGICALLY prepare for the exam as well is part of our job too.

What can ‘enter’ their minds to help them overcome their nerves around the exam may be

• some tailormade tips to emphasize their EXISTING STRENGTH to build on to

• gentle reminders of EARLIER CHALLENGES that they successfully overcame

• mentioning other, BIGGER HURDLES compared to which this one is a …breeze… 😀 😉

How do YOU help your IELTS students PSYCHOLOGICALLY prepare for the exam as well?

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