ELT Teacher Trainer Specializing in Teaching Sub-Skills

Learn to actually TEACH skills, as opposed to just TESTING them, and become OUTSTANDING at preparing your learners for the IELTS exam.

Are You an English Language Teacher Preparing Students for IELTS?

Probably you…

  • know a quite a lot about the IELTS exam, and you can give good tips and strategies

  • are also good at helping students learn the grammar and vocabulary they need for the exam

  • do plenty of practice tests with them, and help them analyze their mistakes …

… but they’re still not getting the scores they want.

What’s missing?!

Practicing and testing skills will eventually lead to improvement, but it’s super slow, and can even be demotivating…

What WILL make a dramatic difference is being able to teach your learners exactly HOW to read, write, listen and speak more effectively.

Become AMAZING at TEACHING skills!